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Dave - Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals:  Started out as a soloist and eventually joined a folk band where he played the big pubs and clubs all over the Midlands. He shared the stages with the likes of Jasper Carrot and The Slade, but after a long time away from the music scene he came back with a new formed affection for Rock n Roll and Rockabilly, with some 50's and 60's thrown in for the Mixed Audiences.

Kenny - 5 String Bass Guitar / Lead / Harmony Vocals: Has been into musical instruments since the late Sixties. After learning Lead and Rhythm Guitar to a proficient standard he progressed onto the Bass Guitar and also Keyboards. Throughout the many years he has shared stage and "Depped"with some "Top" Named bands in the UK. Also had his own band - The Black Stetson Duo (Which was himself on lead guitar / Lead Vocals, and his Wife Vicky on Bass Guitar / Harmony Vocals). Throughout the years his favourite has always been Rock 'n' Roll, and is glad to have teamed up with the likes of Dave and Rowland.

Rowland - Drums / Harmony Vocals:  

My parents bought me my first drum kit when I was 7 years old it was made by Chad Valley it had paper skins and I had broken them all by the end of the day. It seemed that I hit them too hard.

In my teens i played in the school orchestra and a few local bands. I remember playing in a band called Yob and supporting Eddy and the Hotrods on the large stage at the Paddocks, Canvey Island. 

By the time i hit 21 there was no time for drums due to domestic and work commitments. 

   I purchased another Drum kit took it down to Honeywood studios Basildon to tune it up and the next thing i've been invited to audition for the 501s. I had a great time with David Romaine and Dave Hawkins the 3 of us really gelled and we played some great 50s & 60s Rock n Roll and had a lot of fun. David Romaine is a brilliant front man he has real charisma and presence on stage.

I moved to Norfolk from Essex in 2016. The move was good apart from the music i had been in 3 Norfolk bands but nothing compared to the 501s. Whilst on holiday in Florida i received a text from Dave Romaine saying he would like to be in a band with me again.

Since then we have been joined by the amazing Kenny Rich on Bass. The band sounds brilliant. To be honest I'm  an experienced Drummer and I love to play and lay down a solid beat for the the lads up front. I believe a Drummer should generate an energy that can be picked up by the rest of the band and audience 

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 Move it - The Jags, having great fun recording at Earth Studios, Norwich 

 Going up - Going Down (An Elvis number). The Jags recording whilst rehearsing at Earth Studios, Norwich  

Matchbox.  The Jags recording whilst rehearsing at Earth Studios, Norwich  


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